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WordPress Speed Experiments

I was working on a client site and was wondering about similar impact that my optimizations would have on a cloud instance with even traffic (read: zero traffic). I tested various things on a demo site that I set up for a client. I thought that the results were interesting, so I’ll share.


  • An 8GB IO Zoom instance with CloudLinux 7.3, MariaDB 10.1, Apache 2.4 proxied by Nginx, PHP 7.1, no TLS.
  • A clean-but-tiny 2GB IO Zoom Ubuntu 16.04 instance running Redis in a Docker container.

Note: These servers literally get NO traffic (they are my personal development servers), so for the most part, all things should be equal.

Quick Results

I used GTmetrix for the speed tests. Screenshots here: wordpress-speed-tests.pdf

  • Page 1 – Shows the site with NO caching/optimization. Bare WordPress.
  • Page 2 – I added Redis caching and shaved about 25% off of the load time.